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tv   [untitled]    May 13, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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>> good afternoon. welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting. >> supervisor avalos. supervisor campos. president chiu. supervisor chu. supervisor cohen. supervisor elsbernd. supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. supervisor mar. supervisor olague. supervisor wiener. all members are present. >> could you please join me in the pledge of allegiance?
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>> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. president chiu: we have the board meeting minutes from april 2, 2012. and from april 3. could i have a motion to approve those minutes? those meeting minutes are approved. >> i have no communications, mr. president. the first item of business is the policy discussion between the mayor and members of the board of supervisors representing the odd districts. the president will recognize the supervisors from districts 1, 3, 5, and nine. discussion now -- shall not exceed five minutes. president chiu: welcome back to the board. >> thank you very much, supervisors for inviting me back.
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i would like to think the public for being here as well. i hope everyone had a great weekend. i know i did. a lot of people out there for sunday streets. may is a busy month and i am working hard to prepare a balanced budget for your consideration on june 1. i am looking forward to thoughtful discussions. i look forward to working with each and every one of you. thank you for welcoming me here today. i turn to the first question. president chiu: our first question will be provided by supervisor mar. superisor mar: i want to thank the mayor for attending, along with the department heads.
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in our recent budget town hall, a young man eloquently expressed his community's frustration at the lack of resources allocated to providing education and training to our youth. .gov mann noted that most of these jobs are going to people -- that young man noted that most of those jobs are going to people outside the city. i am working with small businesses to bring more manufacturing related businesses back into district 1. my hope is that these businesses will bring with them design and other technology based jobs. it would be ideal if we could create technology education programs for our local middle and high schools as well. can you commit to working with my office to develop funding sources and a mechanism for such an endeavor?
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>> thank you, supervisor, for that question. i could not agree with you more. we need to prepare and train our youth. the young man from the budget -- we currently lacked an effective system connecting our youth and young adults to are going technology sector. that is why i am committed to creating a local pipeline. a pipeline that begins with education and skills development that continues with access to jobs and wages with this technology sector. a key component of my economic jobs plant is the development of the new economy and apprenticeships programs. these programs will help build the necessary skills for the entry into the field such as
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social media, as well as health care and green technology. i will also continue the momentum of tech sf by establishing relationships with technology firms to develop training and education courses so our youth are ready to succeed in neethe it fields. it must include wraparound services for our young adults in need of support. that is why in addition with working with our partners and school district partners to create the new economy apprenticeships, i am committed to involving are community-based organizations to help prepare and support our young adults as they transition. we are not waiting -- i challenge the private sector, committing jobs to our youth
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ages 14 to 24 to reach a total of 5000 jobs for the summer. i am happy to report a number of high-tech companies have heeded the call. hiring them for paid internship jobs. in san francisco, there are a technology industries, and we have an opportunity to help business thrives. as you are aware, we give recently had success in securing resources from both it companies and the federal government. i am committed to working with you and all of the members of the board of supervisors. superisor mar: thank you. president chiu: in the wake of the decade of budget deficits, when city government needs to be
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doing more with less, there are duplicative functions between departments. small businesses are overwhelmed with regulations from 14 departments. 12 city departments in this -- prepare a -- many residents have to navigate seven different departments. three agencies compete to said child care policy. our city contracts are managed by its myriad agencies and aour it system contains several e- mail platforms. >> thank you, president chiu. i know this is a passion for you. as the city administrator under the former mayor, i chaired the government efficiency taskforce,
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exploring -- in exploring ways to streamline government functions. we accomplished the following items. we consolidated facilities, maintenance, and managed by transferring the custodial staff to the real estate division. we transferred the emergency medical services from the department of public health to the department of emergency management. finally, we continued to serve eight city employees annually for their best ideas for government efficiency. as mayor, i will continue to consider any proposal that will increase government efficiency. where consolidations can be made, i will work to make them happen. as the city government, we must provide residents with the best services at the lowest cost. i am looking forward to working with you on established --
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establishing a streamlined program to facilitate urban and agricultural sites and to remove barriers that currently exist for communities trying to open new gardens. urban agriculture programs have potential to thrive in our city. as you pointed out, gaining permits to create urban gardens is cumbersome. we are working on streamlining are permitting and licensing process. i believe we can consolidate our services for the dentist children in san francisco. i am working -- for the youngest children in san francisco. this office will consolidate an already complex education system into one office that will be accountable for providing quality care and education to our young children. with the leadership and guidance
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of our partners, our city is envisioning the way we serve our youngest children. we will make our early care and education system provider friendly, no longer will providers have to succumb to multiple contracts, multiple evaluations, and multiple submissions. supervisor avalos. i want to thank you. we also recognize that we must invite are committed to to help us solve problems. the best ideas are outside the walls of city hall. we've opened our data to developers and credit of 60 applications at no cost to our city government. we also have held hack-a-thons. as we make changes to
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consolidate and streamline, we must take the time to ensure that these changes are done well and with appropriate stakeholder and community input. thank you. supervisor olague: the san francisco housing authority is one of the largest providers of housing in san francisco and serves over 20,000 people. roughly 20% of the public housing stock in district 5, the policy budgetary and operational decisions made by the housing authority board of commissioners and staff significantly impact resident in my district. similar to the redevelopment agency or the school district, the authority is a quasi-a city department that provides critical public services to thousands of san franciscans. in the interest of promoting transparency, accountability,
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and integrity of local government, how can you work together to and by the authority more closely into the city family by locating its commission hearings in city hall and broadcasting them for greater public access? " thank you, supervisor, for this important question. it does raise some other questions and i'm happy to address them. the housing authority is tossed with a significant responsibility in san francisco. -- tasked with the same boat -- with a significant responsibility in san francisco. they can play a critical role in our city's social safety net. the future of the housing authority is an integral part of the future of our city. the city is also making direct investments in the housing authority. the ongoing rebuild of the major public housing sites have been a crowd of effort led by staff of my office and housing authority.
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of course, closer integration between the housing authority and our city agencies that provide social services will be critical for our homeless populations and their most underserved households currently living in housing authority sites. given this, i am excited to work with your office, the housing authority commission, around closer integration. moving the meetings to city hall can be a good first step. in the long run, however, a more closely tied housing authority and city should really be the goal. putting in a strong effort to create housing in san francisco that is successful to people of all incomes and prices and life. the housing authority is currently -- assertedly a critical partner in making progress towards this goal. i look forward to working with your office and the housing authority commission to explore how we can accomplish this.
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president chiu: our final question is from supervisor campos. supervisor campos: we did have a very successful sunday streets in the mission. the mission neighborhood service -- is one of san francisco's are a rich artistic and cultural centers. we know that one of the things about the mission is backed it has unique contributions for many -- it has many unique contributions for many neighborhoods. some of our local arts organizations have been struggling financially because of outgoing cuts to arts funding by the city and private sector funding has also dried up. my office has been working on how we can preserve and
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strengthen cultural arts institutions. as we are doing that work and trying to focus on making sure that some of those areas become even more of a cultural arts center, i am wondering if we can count on your support and engagement in helping to ensure the artistic and cultural richness of the mission continues. >> thank you, supervisor. thank you for your leadership. we both know how valuable parts are to the city's character. the level of culture that it provides enriches our lives and draws people from all across the region. and the nation, as well as the whole world to see what our artists are doing. it is why i am proud to report that under new leadership, the
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san francisco commission has not cut grants as in previous administrations. continues to strengthen the artistic partners to funding opportunities. in my recent discussion with arts community around budget issues, i was especially pleased to hear their desire to engage with our invest in neighborhoods initiative. this will strengthen the partnership between arts organizations, businesses around them, and the communities they call home. i am also proud to support the arts collaborative, the pilot program, of which lower 24 straight was a recipient last year. these projects have been successful at bringing arts organizations and merchants together to bring about positive neighborhood change. during these difficult economic times, it will be these kinds of partnerships that will continue
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to bolster the artistic foundations of our city. to that end, i signed legislation that will bring more money to the arts. this legislation -- the option to contribute the 1% art requirement to the public art trust will allow for greater flexibility with how art money is spent to activate our city's public spaces. when i first came into office, you and i walked 24th street together. we visited the theater to look at the state of this important cultural assets to the mission community and the 24th street commercial corridor. at that time, it was not in good shape. because of new leadership and our collective efforts as a
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city, my staff, the department of real-estate, the mayor's office of housing, the controller's office, and your office, we believe we have laid the foundation for the organization's success. as i continue to balance the city's difficult budget, we must wait financial realities with our desire to support the 24th street corridor. i look forward to our future conversations and ensuring the mission neighborhood continues to be a source of great artistic local value to our city. i want to express my appreciation for the supervisors for their questions. thank you. president chiu: thank you, mr. mayor.
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could you please call the consent agenda? >> items 2 through 8 comprise the consent agenda. these items will be acted upon by a single roll call vote. >> would anyone like to sever any items? >> supervisor mar. supervisor olague. supervisor wiener. supervisor avalos. supervisor campos. president chiu. supervisor chu. supervisor cohen. supervisor elsbernd. supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. there are 11 ayes. item nine is an ordinance amending of the police code. president chiu: without
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objection, this ordinance is passed. >> item 10 is in a morgue -- as an ordinance amending the administrative code. president chiu: supervisor kim. supervisor kim: thank you. i know i have spoken about this issue several times. i do think it is important to reiterate how historic the passing of this ordinance is today is. san francisco, after today's final vote, will be the second city in this country to pass legislation that mandates that local law enforcement officers adhere to local laws and provide reports about that work. i am excited about the culmination of months of work. this has empowered our middle eastern, muslim community coming out to testify about trust is a
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fundamental part of public safety. this legislation accomplishes what our office -- which is to allowsfpd to continue to participate in the framework of existing legislation. to ensure the public will know when the police department is entering into an agreement with the fbi. i think this is a very important piece of legislation. i want to thank my colleagues again for your support and our early co-sponsors as well for coming out to support this agreement. i do want to invite a member of the board for the official signing of this ordinance tomorrow. again, i want to thank sfpd for
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engaging with our office on this committed -- on this issue. i want to recognize his leadership. i do want to thank all the community members who have worked tirelessly on this issue, coming to city hall every week, and to speak about this issue -- this issue and why it is so important. the greatest accomplishment is the process itself. when the first few times, one of the first few times, the recognition of issues that also felt in powering. come out and speak at public
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comment and our rallies and editorials. thank you again, colleagues for your support. supervisor mar, aye. supervisor olague become of aye. supervisor avalos, supervisor chu, aye. supervisor elsbernd, aye. to preserve farrell, aye. supervisor kim, aye. president chiu: this ordinance is finally passed. madam clerk, could you please call item 11? >> amending the park code to increase certain rates and
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eliminate the early bird rate and revise the controllers reporting requirements regarding cost recovery. >> can we do the same house, same call? without objection, this is passed on the first reading. item 12. >> approving port commission ways with the golden bear restaurant company for property located at 817 terry francois boulevard. president chiu: can we do the same house, same call? without objection this is passed. item 13. >> authorizing a lease amendment at 1390 market st.. president chiu: can we do this same house, same call? this resolution is adopted. item 14. >> approving the housing opportunities for persons with aids program and authorizing the
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mayor to accept and apply for the hopwa program. president chiu: can we do the same same? this is approved. item 14. >> approving the home partnership program. president chiu: can we do this same house, same call? this is approved. item 16. >> approving the emergency shelter grants program and authorizing the mayor to apply for, accept and expend the allocation of the shelter grants program entitlement in the amount of 507,000. president chiu: can we do this same house, same call? this is appropriate item 17.
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>> approving the combat -- community development block program, authorizing the mayor to accept and expend the community development block grant program entitlement. president chiu: can we do this same house, same call? this is approved. item 18. >> authorizing the adult probation department to accept and expend a grant. president chiu: can we do this same house, same call? this is approved. item 19. >> approving and authorizing the execution of a third amendment to the master tournament agreement. president chiu: can we do this same house, same call? this is accepted. item 20. >> resolution authorizing the lease agreement with sixth
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street baldwin house. supervisor kim: as i have stated earlier this is a long time command and promise we made to the community and a larger south of market and amid park market committee. i want to think many of the members of the public who came out, small-business owners and community organization representatives that supported a substation here in the community. i know there was some reservations about this item, given the dissolution of redevelopment funds that were originally fretted for this project and the use of general funds for the substation. i did want to emphasize how important i think this is as a cornerstone for what we're doing to make our communities in the neighborhood safer and stronger. public safety is not just about
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sfpd. we want a foot patrol and reduced the time to do paperwork and reporting period is about relationship building with the community, perception of investment, and enforcement of safety issues. there is a high level of local crimes in this area. it is a cornerstone that needs a larger support. whether it is about adding light. i welcome this as a piece of that investment in that city. i want to state that having a substation in the community can have incredible outcomes. we saw this recently when we moved southern station community police advisory board meetings to sixth and folsom street. over